Monday, May 25, 2009

Tigers headed to Oxford, MS for NCAA Regional

■ The Missouri Tigers will be the 2nd seed in the Oxford, MS Regional. Participants and seeding:
#1 Ole Miss (17th RPI)
#2 Missouri (31st)
#3 Western Kentucky (44th)
#4 Monmouth (177th)

The detailed schedule of games will be released later today or tomorrow at

Wearing Black & Gold worth every penny (Columbia Tribune):

At Missouri and top schools across the country, many of the athletes so celebrated in high school are paying significant sums to play in college.

It’s a reality largely overlooked — or misunderstood — because of the glamour surrounding football and basketball. But the next time an accomplished high school athlete holds a signing-day ceremony, there’s a good chance they’re paying for much of their education.

In most sports, full scholarships are scarce. Baseball, for instance, is allowed only 11.7 scholarships to divide among a 35-man roster. Wrestling has 9.9 scholarships for a roster of 30, men’s track and field must split 12 scholarships among nearly 50 athletes and softball carries 12 scholarships for 22 players.
Tigers fall short of title (Columbia Tribune):

Hicks, who started yesterday after being out the first few days of the event with the flu, retired nine of the first 10 batters he faced, though that one hit was Preston Clark’s long home run to left field in the third inning.

“I’m still getting over that sickness right now,” Hicks said. “From the start of the
game, just from finishing stretching, I was already winded and pretty exhausted. Throughout the game, I was just trying to battle that. That was probably my biggest opponent.”

Texas demolishes Missouri in Big 12 title game (Columbia Missourian):
Senior outfielder Ryan Lollis was the only player Missouri player named to the All-Tournament team.

Missouri batters drew 10 walks but left eight base runners stranded. All season, Missouri has made the most of the offensive opportunities that the opponents gave it but today struggled.

"We didn't get hits when we wanted to," Lollis said. "We didn't get timely hitting."

Defense big part of the college game (
So the offensive sacrifice often comes at those key positions up the middle — catcher, shortstop, second base, center field.

"If you’re going to give up something at those positions, it’s going to be offense,” Jamieson said. "Then hopefully you can find enough guys at the other spots to provide your offense.”

In general, there has become more reliance on speed in the Big 12, with a recent spike in stolen bases. And speed can translate to better defense, too.

Q & A with Kyle gibson ( You really need to read the whole Q&A sessin yourself, But just one quote:

Q: What’s your favorite baseball movie and why?

A: "For Love of the Game.” I like the pitching aspect of it. I like watching (Kevin Costner) battling through adversity and coming back from it.

Oh, and Gibby confesses his greatest adversity: he's a Cubs fan.

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