Friday, January 27, 2012

FAQ: Seating Chart

Seat Identification:

Each Reserved Seat is identified by the Section, Row, and Seat Number. (General admission areas are not assigned section, row, or seat numbers)

- Sections: A through G

- Rows are numbered beginning with Row 1 closest to the field. Sections B through F have 6 rows. Sections A and G have 4 rows (numbered 3 through 6). Row 6 in each section is above the main Reserved Seating area, at the front of the walkway.

- Seats are numbered beginning with Seat #1 in each section, on the first base end of each section.

The floor plans used for the creation of the Seating Chart were provided by the MU Space Planning and Management office, with special assistance by Mark C. Meade, C.A.,
Engineering Records Coordinator .

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