Saturday, September 4, 2010 What people want to read about has begun a new "Stats" feature this summer, which allows me to see some details on who is visiting this blog, when, from where, and what they have clicked on the most.

I thought my regular readers might find some of this information interesting. The stats are only from May, 2010, through today, which is the time period since Blogger began this feature. So, basically this tells me - and you - what Tiger fans have been interested in this summer.

■ Most clicked-on posts
In other words, people have been most interested in the things they're not going to find information about elsewhere.

The one that surprises - and gratifies - me is the Jersey Numbers post. I mentioned my preoccupation with jersey numbers to some of my friends at the ballpark this last season and nearly all of them nodded their heads, said "Uh-huh" and looked at me like I had just confirmed their suspicions that I am a little too obsessed with Mizzou Baseball. Apparently I'm not the only one.

Pageviews by Countries received 15,649 pageviews from the United States from May through August. No surprise there.

But how about:
134 Canada
126 South Korea
95 Russia
87 Netherlands
38 Japan
23 Luxembourg
23 Ukraine
20 Germany
19 Taiwan
Who'd'a thunk it?

Thanks to all the MU Baseball fans who make this effort worthwhile.

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