Thursday, July 1, 2010

Tim Hawkins: Former MU Tiger a Big Hit in Comedy

One of the recent additions to our list of MU Jersey Numbers is #25, Tim Hawkins.

Hawkins played Outfield for the Tigers from 1988-89, leading the 1989 Tigers in many categories and earning several awards:
  • Batting average (.372)
  • Hits (83)
  • Doubles (16)
  • Triples (8)
  • RBI (59)
  • At-bats (223)
  • All District IV
  • All Big 8
  • All Big 8 Tournament
He is tied for third for all-time MU single season triples (tied at 8 with his teammate, Dave Silvestri), is tied at #6 in career triples (11), and is #7 in Career Slugging Percentage (.562).

Hawkins' bio at refers only briefly to his baseball days, focusing more on the career path he has followed in the years since:
A former All-American baseball player, he traded the sports stage for the comedy stage and never looked back. The St. Louis native taught himself to play guitar and tested the waters at area comedy clubs. But he determined early in his career that he did not want to focus on the comedy club circuit alone. “People love stand-up, but many choose not to go to comedy clubs. So we’ve gone underground, even counter-culture in a way. And it’s a blast.”
I had heard of Tim Hawkins, the comedian, and watched a number of his videos online. I had also heard of Tim Hawkins the Mizzou Baseball player (his time at Mizzou ended just before I began following the team).

But I never made the connection that they are one and the same until a teammate supplied his jersey number and mentioned he is a comedian ("He said the first time I met him I spit on his shoe. That is why I’m afraid to show up at one of his shows. I have a feeling I might be a part of the act.").

Here's one of my favorite YouTube clips of Tim Hawkins' comedy. There are a lot more on YouTube and at


  1. I didn't realize he was a Tiger. He is a fantastic comedian, and does it without resorting to profanity, etc. He and I would have been at Mizzou at the same time, but I didn't see much baseball during my time there.
    Very cool.

  2. i'm writing a speech about tim hawkins he's amazing

  3. I'm doing an introductory speech on him for my speech class.

  4. I'am doing a biography report on him at my christian school we love watching him. Tim Hawkins rocks!!!!!!!!!!