Sunday, January 31, 2010

FAQ: Blog

Q: What official connection is there between this website and the University of Missouri Athletic Department?

A: None at all. is an independent, fan-based website, with no official connections to the University of Missouri. The Athletic Department alternately praises what I do on this site or grinds their teeth at my shenanigans. The opinions and rants expressed on the pages of this Web Community are the sole responsibility of the site's host, Trripleplay.

Q: So who is this "Trripleplay" that hosts this site?

A: "Trripleplay" is the internet alias of Tim Robertson, a fan of Mizzou Baseball. That's me in the photo, with the ball cap on. The guy with me is Rickie, a fellow Section E heckler.

Q: How can I get in touch with "Trripleplay"?

A: Tim Robertson's e-mail address is: Also, you can find me at nearly every home game, usually sitting in Section E, Row 4, Seat 1.

Q: Why did you start this site in the first place?

A: The real reason I started this site was to alleviate boredom during the long off-season between May and February.

I also started this site to fill in the gaps not covered by the official MU site ( My intention is not to compete with the official site, but to complement it. I have not attempted to duplicate most of the features on that site, other than the Schedule and Roster.

To learn more about my philosophy about MU Baseball and being a fan, check out Confessions of a Fan of the Game.


Q: So why don't you know how to spell tripleplay? What's with the two r's?

A: Believe it or not, this is actually THE most frequently asked question about this site. Hopefully this does not indicate a lack of interest in anything else here. The answer is simple: the host's name is Timothy R. Robertson, sometimes called TR Robertson. Thus, when I was trying to think up an online nickname several years ago, TRRipleplay seemed to fit my name and my passion.

Q: Why don't you get a Press Pass so you can go on the field and interview coaches and players for the site.

A: For one thing, while I am a part-time free-lance writer, I'm not trained in journalism, and am glad to leave that job in the capable hands of the folks from the Tribune and Missourian and Maneater, etc.

Also, as a friend of mine found out, when you're wearing a press pass you suddenly feel limited in how much heckling you can do.

I'm just a fan, and even when there's snow blowing across the field, I'd rather be sitting down there in Section E, freezing, than up in the sealed-off press box. When this site gets in the way of having fun at the ballpark, that's the day I quit. The site, I mean, not baseball.

Q: Why do I keep doing this when it takes up so much of my time?
  • Player's parent: "I want to thank you as a parent far away from her son, your website keeps us up to date on the team. I know you must spend alot of time at the computer researching, because the site is awesome! " 
  • Player's parent: "You don't know how much your advice has directed us throughout the season. Thanks so much for all you do for Missouri baseball, and most importantly, thanks for such a wonderful web site." 
  • Player's parent: "Just wanted to let you know that as a parent of a baseball player it has been very beneficial having your site available with updates and game/player information. When we first committed to Mizzou, we met some parents who had directed us to your site. Your past efforts do not, and those in the future, will not go unnoticed." 
  • Player's parent: "Your information is incredible, detailed, well researched and extremely enjoyable...In this world of pessimism, it's refreshing to see a fan be fan, which means being optimistic"  
  • Player's parent: "Thanks for this incredible web page you have put together. Living far from Columbia, I am some what out of the loop, but your updates, blogs, and all around news serves as a outstanding site for Mizzou baseball information. I very much appreciate your efforts."  
  • Former player: "I also wanted to thank you for your hard work and dedication that you give to the Mizzou baseball department. It makes it a lot easier for myself and my ex teammates to keep up with what is going on. 
  •  Recruit's relative:  "Hi, just wanted to drop you a note and say you have a wonderful website. I check it every couple of days and I am amazed at all of the work and effort that you put in to it. I have a lot of friends and family who also check the site and are amazed at the effort put in."   

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  1. We're primarily hometown fans of Kyle GIbson, but after visiting two of his home games we are quickly becoming Tiger fans! We saw you doing some tame heckling the other night against Texas Tech. Keep up the great site!