Tuesday, September 30, 2008

You Make the Call: Archives

At the previous location of SimmonsField.com, a regular feature was the "You Make the Call" polls.

For our archives, here are a few results from those polls:

2008 MVPs:
Player: Aaron Senne
Pitcher: Aaron Crow
Freshman: Andrew Thigpen

2007 MVPs:
Player: Evan Frey
Pitcher: Aaron Crow
Freshman: Trevor Coleman

2006 MVPs:
Player: Zane Taylor
Pitcher: Nathan Culp
Freshman: Rick Zagone

2005 MVPs:
Player: James Boone
Pitcher: Max Scherzer

2004 MVPs:
Player: Cody Ehlers
Pitcher: Garrett Broshuis
Freshman: Nathan Culp

2003 MVPs:
MVP: Jayce Tingler
Freshman: Zane Taylor

2002 MVP:
Co-MVPs: Lee Laskowski & Jayce Tingler

Which newcomer will have the biggest impact on the Tigers during his career?
2005: Evan Frey, Derek Chambers
2004: Max Scherzer, Hunter Mense, Cosme Caballero
2003: Ian Kinsler
2002: Abel Newton

Tiger Bullpen

Dear Tiger Baseball Supporter:

At Mizzou, we are committed to providing the best resources for our student-athletes. We realize this can not be accomplished without the support of our fans and alumni.

We have great commitment from the University and Athletics Department, but we need support from our fans and alumni to further enhance our program. the purpose of the Tiger bullpen is to raise funds tos upport Mizzou Baseball and we invite you to join.

As a Tiger bullpen member, you will receive a newsletter that will keep you up-to-date with the Tigers. Members will aslo be invited to special events throughout the year.

We thank you for considering this opportunity to join the Tiger bullpen and become part of the team.

Thanks for your support. Go Tigers!

Head coach Tim Jamieson

For details on joining the Tiger Bulpen Club, contact Luke Cassis, Director of Operations at 573-884-8929 (cassisl@missouri.edu) or go to the mutigers.com Tiger Bullpen page.