Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Another one bites the dust

California drops baseball program (
The University of California-Berkeley’s money issues took their toll on the baseball program Tuesday as coach Dave Esquer was told his program would be cut.

The school has exceeded its athletic department budget by $10-13 million in recent years and the belt-tightening begins next fall with the elimination of baseball and other sports.
Oregon State's Casey saddened to see California's baseball program axed (
"For a school with Cal's tradition, to drop it without anybody having a hint, is kind of shocking," he said, speaking at Goss Stadium during fall practice. "It's a good indication of where some of these universities are as far as (athletic department) debt is concerned."

Cal started baseball in 1892, won two NCAA championships and more than 50 ex-Bears have played in the majors. Cal and OSU have played intermittently since 1920; Cal leads the all-time series 38-26.

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