Tuesday, January 3, 2012

SEC Dixie-nary: T is for TV

T is for TV

One of biggest reasons for SEC expansion was to expand their footprint into new media markets, and the TV revenue they can get.  They've added St. Louis (previously the Big 12's largest media market at 1,253,920homes), Kansas City and the Texas markets with this 2-team expansion.

And one of Mizzou's biggest reasons for joining the SEC was to take advantage of the SEC's current media markets.  Atlanta is the largest market in the SEC, at 2,292,640 homes.

Graphical representation of SEC vs. Big 12 media markets on ColumbiaMissourian.com

Check out the 2011 SEC TV schedule.  And the Additional TV Schedule.

Now compare the 2011 Big 12 TV schedule.  That may be a little deceptive as a predictor of future TV coverage, since the vaunted Longhorn Network will supposedly be showing a lot of UT games in the coming seasons.

The highlight of the SEC TV schedule is a regular Thursday Night SEC Baseball game on ESPNU.  The 2012 Thursday Night schedule has been released.

SEC schools are getting a lot of TV exposure, both for fans and recruits.  And the SEC is going to be able to sell their package to the networks for a bigger dollar amount with the new 14-team footprint that extends into the Texas market and the Missouri market..

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