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SEC Dixie-nary: V is for Versus

V is for Versus

Mizzou is a perfect 0-0 all time vs. Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee and Vanderbilt, having never played any of those teams.

Mizzou vs. Louisiana State: 0-2
  • 1986, 1-5 and 1987, 5-8
Mizzou vs. Kentucky: 0-1
  • 1984: 4-11.  The Wildcats beat MU pitcher Dave Otto, who went on to a Major League career.  Nick Rallo provided the bulk of the scoring for the Tigers, with a bases-loaded double in the fifth inning.
Mizzou vs. Mississippi State: 0-1
  • 2003 NCAA Regional: 5-10, the Bulldogs eliminated MU from the Regional with this defeat
Mizzou vs. Florida:  1-5
  • 1981 NCAA Regional:   The Gators eliminated the Tigers, 3-7
Mizzou vs. Auburn: 2-0
  • 1996, 5-4 and 2010,11-7
Mizzou vs. Ole Miss: 5-4
  • 1958: Mizzou beat Ole Miss twice. 5-4 and 14-5, to open a season that took the Tigers to the final game of the College World Series
  • 2008 NCAA Regional, MU traded victories with Ole Miss, 7-0 and 6-9.  The final meeting was an elimination game.
Mizzou vs. Arkansas: 28-18-1
  • The Tigers and Razorbacks first met on the diamond in 1904, splitting a pair of games, 0-7 and 9-2. They played between 2 and 4 games most years from '04 to '10, but then slowed down the frequency of their matchups. The MU-AU rivalry was renewed almost annually from 1954 through 1963. This included a pair of early Tiger wins in 1954, the season that saw Mizzou win the College World Series champsionship.

  • Kammer Stops Razorbacks on One Hit, Tigers Win 18-0 (April 10, 1954)
Tiger baseball fans who showed up at Rollins Field yesterday afternoon didn't get to watch much in the way of a ball game, but for seven and two-thirds innings they had hopes of seeing a no-hitter by Emil Kammer, the Bengals' sophomore right-hander who started the season as a third baseman. 
The Tigers gave the University of Arkansas an 18-0 lacing and it was obvious in the first inning that the Razorbacks weren't going to be too much of a stumbling block in Missouri's path. But few people left the premises as Kammer kept mowing down the Arkansas hitters inning after inning and two were out in the eighth when Catcher Preston Carpenter laced a clean single to left for the first and only Razorback hit.
The Tigers' four-run outburst in the seventh came as a result of Jerry Schoonmaker's infield hit, Cox's double, a fielder's choice, an error and Dick Dickinson's two-bagger with the bases loaded. 
The Razorbacks got two in the eighth on a walk and doubles by Bowden and Thomason, but the Tigers bounced back with a pair when Jerry Schoonmaker homered after Bob Musgrave had walked. 
After Norm Stewart retired the first two Arkansas hitters in the ninth, Wilkerson shot a single past third, but was out trying for second to end the game.
  • In 1959 the Tigers actually defeated Arkansas twice, 11-0 and 13-0. The Tigers were on a roll that season, beginning the year with a perfect 13-0 record. But just before the 14th game, Coach John "Hi" Simmons was informed that NCAA had declared one of his players ineligible to play, and MU was forced to forfeit those 13 wins, including the two drubbings of the Razorbacks.

  • Since 1964, MU and AU have met during the regular season only seven times, and have also done battle in the NCAA Regionals in 1980, 1988 and 2004 (Arkansas has a 2-1 lead in post season match-ups.)
Mizzou vs. Texas A&M:  40-31
  • Played 1 to 3 games a year regularly 1966 through 1971 and again in 1974
  • 1976: 5-3 and 3-12 in games 1 and 3 of NCAA Midwest Regional
  • 78: 1-4 in game 2 of Regional

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