Thursday, January 5, 2012

SEC Dixie-nary: U is for Umpires

U is for Umpires

From the SEC Baseball Bylaws:
Criticism of officials or the officiating program by institutional personnel is prohibited. Comments on officiating are to be directed to the Conference office only. All reports or comments pertaining to officiating or game management responsibilities, or concerning players, coaches or officials, shall be directed to the Conference office only. Public comments by officials, coaches or institutional personnel are prohibited. 
Suspension/Ejection Policy. The game officials have the authority to eject a student-athlete, coach or team representative for misconduct or unsportsmanlike conduct. The offending individual must leave the field and dugout area immediately and is allowed no further communication with the teams or umpires. The ejected individual must remain out of sight and sound for the remainder of the contest.

Video Replays. Replays of umpires’ calls are limited to one replay shown in real time (not slow motion).

Arkansas' Dave Van Horn ejected
Auburn's John Pawloski educates an umpire
South Carolina's Ray Tanner makes a pass at an umpire

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