Thursday, May 21, 2009

Round 1: MU 5, A&M 2

Big 12 Tournament Press Conference Quotes (

Tim Jamieson: "I’m just happy we came away with a win. There was kind of a strange feel to the game. I thought we did some things real well offensively early. Kyle (Gibson) did not have his best stuff, but he competed and fortunately we had a couple of relievers come in and had some good batters faced. It was kind of a weird feel, and I’m glad we came away with a win and look forward to Friday."

Kyle Gibson: "When you don’t have your best fastball, that is what you have to do. I was letting my fastball line and sink a little bit and then I would use my off-speed to make my fastball look a little bit better. Late in the year I was trying to throw them for a loop a little bit and trying to make it look a little bit different and mix them up."
Tigers hang on in Big 12 opener (Columbia Tribune):

Needing just eight pitches for his first save of the year and of his career, Tepesch is still expected to start Saturday’s game against second-seeded Oklahoma. Missouri will face seventh-seeded Texas Tech at 3 p.m. Friday.

“We needed a win today before we worried about Friday and Saturday,” said Jamieson, who wouldn’t commit to a set rotation.

Gibson leads Tigers to victory in Big 12 baseball tournament opener (Columbia Missourian):

Missouri ace Kyle Gibson said on Sunday he wanted to pitch on Wednesday and he wanted to carry his team to a win in its first game of the Big 12 Conference tournament.

Gibson didn't pitch all nine innings but he accomplished his goal. Missouri beat Texas A&M 5-2 on Wednesday afternoon in Oklahoma City.
■ Also on Day 1 of the Tournament:
Kansas State 5, Kansas 4
Baylor 14, Texas 9
Oklahoma 5, Texas Tech 2

RockMNation live thread:
The Beef (regarding Texas sending int heir 7th pitcher of the day): Sounds like Johnny Wholesuck for them today

The Beef (again): While winning the Big XII Tourney would be a nice achievement for our program, it seems coaches/managers value it differently. Since we are not (likely) playing our way into hosting a regional at this point, I can see where it would not make sense to try to win the thing at the risk of really burdening your chances to win a regional. Gibson is going to be key either way, and trust me, I would love both. But, I think I might take a regional advancement over a title since a super regional is a best 2 out of 3 and he would give us a great shot there as well on his proper rest

• And a link to somebody's scorecard of the game

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