Saturday, May 2, 2009

Johnny Wholestaff expected to pitch today

The multi-faceted Johnny Wholestaff is expected to take the mound today in the 2nd game of the Nebraska series. Johnny is 11-3 on the year. has a feature on Johnny Wholestaff, including a reference to's composite photo of the Tigers' elusive star. That's a good enough excuse to reproduce that photo here.

Fromthe article:
"I've never seen anything like it," Texas Tech coach Dan Spencer said. "We didn't get the full effect of it because we couldn't hit their left-hander. But I think coach Jamieson looked at his team and decided he didn't have a third pitcher who can give 'em four to five innings but that they've got a bunch of guys who can give 'em one.

"It's hard to game plan against so many pitchers. The front part of your lineup gets one pitcher and the back part of the lineup gets somebody else. It's hard to prepare for."

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