Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I can't Bear to call them Missouri State

■ Bears fans are none too happy about their team lately. A few quotes from MSUBearNation.com:

Bearvision: It's really sad that this team has fallen apart so quickly...at home no less. No fire in this team right now. I remember that CWS team with the eye black, and the emotion, and the juniors and seniors leading that team and never letting anyone get too down or listless.

Bearsfan74: I'd like to be able to say that I am surprised by the Bears rolling over and playing dead against a bad team that will cancel it's program. [Northern Iowa]

bp6: when you put a player in the lineup who strikes out nearly 50% of the time at the plate you deserve to lose. Glad I didn't go and see this. We cannot win the conference or get to the tourney with Kaptain K in the lineup [SS Curt Courtwright]. God forbid we pinch hit for him when we were down by 7. boggles the mind.

Missouri State's Tyler Ryun carries on eye-black tradition (Springfield News-Leader):

You only need to look into Tyler Ryun's eyes to see his admiration for former Missouri State baseball player Shaun Marcum. Rather, under Ryun's eyes.

Ryun, MSU's starting first baseman, smears on eye black whether games are played at day or night. Marcum, among others on the Bears' 2003 College World Series team, did the same thing.

"I started doing it in high school after I saw Marcum in the College World Series," Ryun said. "I played shortstop and pitched, like him, so I came here and figured I'd
try to keep it going."

So, even with rain in the forecast for today's Missouri Valley Conference doubleheader against Northern Iowa, Ryun will proudly sport the eye-black statement.

"He likes looking unique," teammate Chris Playter said.
■ From Tigerboard.com, Reasons to despise Missouri State

■ Kendall Rogers, in his weekly college baseball chat at Rivals.com:
Missouri is finally playing the way we all thought they would before the season. Along with Florida State, they're one of the hottest teams in the country. I think they have a chance to get to Omaha if they play like they have the past few weeks.

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