Friday, May 15, 2009

CSUB Roadrunners . . . et cetera

■ The Cal State - Bakersfield (they abbreviate it as CSUB) Roadrunners are 11-32. They are ranked 242nd in RPI by the NCAA. A few tidbits from the CSUB Game Notes for this series:

• CSUB's wins have come against SLU (x2), Utah, Portland, Fresno State (x3), UC Riverside, UC Santa Barbara and Nebrska (x2).

• According to the CSUB game notes, Mizzou's Friday night starter is expectd to be Mike Gibson

• CSUB hit 7 home runs in 3 games last weekend against Nebraska

• Kyle Richardson has hit safely in 9 of the last 10 games, batting .472 with 3 doubles, 3 HR, 8 RBI and 6 runs in that stretch
■ A repeat from earlier of a preseason article from about the Roadrunners:

CSUB's squad includes 13 freshmen, 11 junior college transfers and one four-year college transfer.The season is approaching quickly. The first game in the history of the Roadrunner program will be Friday, Feb. 20, at home vs. St. Louis University. CSUB's first eight games will be played on its new field, located on the west side of campus.

. . .The focus this first season is player development. Kernen calls that more important than wins and losses.

"We're going to get some lessons along the way," he said. "We're going to get our hathanded to us a few times. "But my deal on that: Let's see what it's like. Let's let these guys look and say,

'This is the deal. This is the big time.'"We're going to Nebraska where there will be 6,000 people there. This is it. What happens is: They raise the level of their game if you give them those experiences ... I want them in the deep end of the pool. As long as they don't drown, we'll let them thrash around a little bit. Then they'll be used to being around UCLA, Nebraska."
■ CSUB's coach, Bill Kernen, is not your run-of-the-mill jock, according to a 2006 story from
Kernen, 58 {now 61] , is unlike other coaches. Aside from being a successful playwright who studied dramatic writing at Columbia, he is a self-described connoisseur of classical music and has a high appreciation for art.
. . .

While at Columbia, Kernen wrote and produced two full-length plays in 1997: "And Other Fairy Tales" and "A Graveyard Symphony." In 1998, he wrote "Galleria degli Angeli," which was honored as a finalist in the Oglebay Institute National Playwriting Competition. He also wrote "Musica de Mariposa" in 1999. Currently, "And Other Fairy Tales" and "Galleria degli Angeli" are in film production.

As different as the two worlds of baseball and theater are, Kernen finds many similarities between the two.

"You rehearse, you perform, you make adjustments, you budget," Kernen said. "You do all the same things; it's just that you're doing it with a different set of skills and a different discipline."
■ Bakersfield, California, is perhaps best known as the West Coast hot spot for Country Music. Merle Haggard and Buck Owens, among others, made Bakersfield famous in the late 50s and 60s for the Bakersfield Sound

■ Several Tigers made the Big 12 All-Academic Baseball Team:

Nominated by each institution’s director of student-athlete support services and media relations offices, the baseball academic all-league squad consisted of 52 first team members combined with 19 on the second team. First team members have recorded a 3.20 or better GPA, while the second team are those with a 3.00 to 3.19 GPA.

To qualify student-athletes must maintain a 3.00 GPA or higher either cumulative or the two previous semesters. All position players nominated must have participated in 60 percent of their team’s scheduled contests, while pitchers are required to have at least one inning pitched per game played by the team or have appeared in 20 percent of their team’s total games. Freshmen and transfers are not eligible in their first year of academic residence. Senior student-athletes who have participated for a minimum of two years and meet all the criteria except percent of participation are also

Tigers on the roster:

Ryan Ampleman
Trevor Coleman
Kyle Gibson
Scooter Hicks
Aaron Senne
Nick Tepesch
Andrew Thigpen
Kelly Fick
Kyle Mach
Phil McCormick

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