Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Mizzou in the Majors: Aaron Crow

Aaron Crow, 2006
Crow a big part of Royals' solid, young bullpen (MLB.com)
"Relievers usually don't get talked to unless you're getting hit. The closer maybe, but not me. That's fine with me, just lay low, do my job and be left alone," Crow said.

He's done that job very well. His two-year totals include a 3.13 ERA, a 7-5 record with two saves thrown in and 130 strikeouts in 126 2/3 innings with a workload of 130 games.
Yost likes the reliability that Crow has shown in the last two seasons with a fastball and a slider.

"It's like any top-notch, backend bullpen guy. They've got to be able to command their fastball and command a secondary pitch. And if it's an above-average pitch, they're going to be dominant. He's got both of them," Yost said. "Where he runs into trouble, like all humans do, there are days when he's going to struggle to command his pitches but not very often."...
Sweeney was the fall guy for Royals' failures (KC Star)
Aaron Crow is one of the signs the Royals are changing. He grew up in Topeka in the 2000s, his formative years spent watching some of the Royals’ worst teams. He was 15 when the Royals lost 100 games for the first time.

“No, not at all,” the relief pitcher says when asked if he can remember the Royals being good. “My dad’s told me stories.”

Crow is of the generation that grew up with Sweeney’s Royals. Crow called himself a Royals fan back then, but that was geography speaking. He found other teams to root for. On video games, he wanted to play with the Mariners — they had A-Rod, Ken Griffey Jr. and Randy Johnson back then...

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