Wednesday, April 17, 2013

HI NOTES: Numerology, Sinkology


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♦ Mizzou's official NCAA RPI ranking (updated 4/16/13): 102nd
MU jumped up from 149th a week ago, after beating Missouri State and being swept, 0-3, by Vanderbilt. rankings (4/16/13)
  • 102nd RPI
  • 135th ISR
  • 11th Strength of Schedule now has their RPI Needs Report up. According to the 4/16 update, Mizzou would have to play at a .737 winning percentage the rest of their schedule in order to finish in the top 8 in the RPI rankings. Or...
  • .669 to finish in the top 16
  • .565 to finish in the top 32
  • .513 to finish in the top 45.
Missouri to-date has been winning at a .375 rate

♦  The NCAA Selection Committee will not invite a team with a record under .500.  Currently at 12-20, with 18 remaining games scheduled, that means the Tigers need to finish no worse than 13-5 (.722) to have any hope of the NCAA Regionals ... unless they were to win the SEC Tournament and get the automatic bid.  If the Committee does not include the win against D-II Truman State in their considerations, the Tigers would need one additional win to reach .500.


Nick Tepesch's lesson: Stick with the sinker (ESPN)
The sinker sunk Nick Tepesch in his second major league start.

It wasn’t that the pitch didn’t work again. It was that he didn’t use it enough.

Where was the darting pitch that so baffled the Tampa Bay Rays last week, when the non-roster Texas Rangers invitee to spring training allowed four hits and one run in 7S dazzling innings to win his major league debut?

It was mostly, mysteriously, in moth balls Sunday in the Rangers’ series finale against the Seattle Mariners.

“It was still good today,” Tepesch said. “I just didn’t throw it as much as I should have.”

That may be why he wasn’t able to make history...

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