Wednesday, April 24, 2013

HI NOTES: The Garcia Games, Max Effective, Grim News


Life after MU baseball: Q&A with Eric Garcia (Vox Magazine)
Garcia was able to chat a little via Skype about his MiLB standing after leaving the Tigers. He called in from a hotel in Orlando, Fla., where he’s participating in what sounds like a grueling extended spring training for the Gulf Coast League (GCL).

Between being there indefinitely and being judged constantly makes it sound like some kind of mix between The Hunger Games and purgatory, but I’m neither Katniss Everdeen nor Catholic, so what do I know?
It’s everybody for themselves. You might get a little team camaraderie as you go, but you’re pretty much trying to move up and doing what you need to do it. It’s of course something that I miss...


♦ Justin Verlander, Max Scherzer see velocities decrease (Bless You Boys)

Then we have Scherzer. He's struck out 14.21 per nine innings and walked just 1.89. Just how overpowering is Scherzer? Forty percent of his plate appearances have ended in strikeouts -- just 5.3 percent in walks. Like Verlander, Scherzer's ERA has shown no signs of struggle either at 2.84. That's about 5 better than Scherzer's 7.77 ERA last April and nearly a run better than in 2011...


Gerrion Grim, redshirt freshman, leaves Missouri baseball (Columbia Missourian)
..."I felt I needed to take a step back and just get to develop more on the juco level and just basically develop my assets as a player more before trying to play on a DI level," Grim said.

Another factor in Grim's decision was his desire to be a two-way player, as both a pitcher and a hitter. Missouri coach Tim Jamieson said he couldn't offer Grim that opportunity at Missouri...

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