Tuesday, April 30, 2013

HI NOTES: Numerology, June Madness


15-24 (.385)  Mizzou Baseball's Current 2013 Record

7-14 (.333) Current SEC Record

5th in SEC East

11th/12th Tied overall in the SEC with Auburn.
Tennessee and Georgia are 13th and 14th.  Of MU's remaining SEC Opponents, Alabama is 6th overall, Kentucky is 9th, Texas A&M is 10th.
10 games remaining on MU's regular season schedule: 3 each vs. Alabama, Texas A&M and Kentucky, plus a single game this week  vs. SEMO.

12  Number of teams that will qualify for the SEC Tournament (the top 12 in the overall SEC rankings, regardless of division)

.500 Winning percentage required to receive an at-large bid to the NCAA Regionals.

100% Winning percentage required in the remaining regular season for Mizzou to finish at or above .500

19-34 (.358) Worst record in Tim Jamieson's tenure as head coach at Mizzou (1995, his first season)

3-7 (.300)  Finish required in regular season to finish 18-31 (.367) and beat that worst winning percentage

5-5 (.500) Finish required in regular season to finish 20-29 (.408) and beat that worst number of losses

49 Number of games MU will probably have played in the regular season, out of a scheduled 56 (barring additional games lost)

48 Number of Division I games MU will have played.


ESPN to cover all bases on College World Series coverage (USA Today)
...ESPN, in a plan that will be formally announced today, is trying to make that happen with its College World Series coverage. Consider that during first-round coverage starting May 31, ESPN will carry every game from all 16 game sites – up from games at six sites last year, four in 2011 and just two in previous years.

Meaning, ESPN is going all-in on college baseball tournament tonnage. Its coverage of the first round – the Regionals – could include as many as 112 games over four days...

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