Thursday, April 4, 2013

Mizzou Baseball in the Majors: Nick Tepesch

♦ Julio Borbon’s stay with the Texas Rangers could be brief. He is likely to lose his roster spot April 9, when right-hander Nick Tepesch is scheduled to be elevated to the major league roster for a start against the Los Angeles Angels. (Dallas News)

Tepesch has bright future as starting pitcher (Texas Rangers)
When I saw Tepesch start against the Colorado Rockies on Friday, he exuded the confidence and mound presence of a seasoned veteran. It was his calm demeanor under fire that endeared me to him as a credible starting pitcher and a viable option for the Texas rotation.
. . .
Now 24, Tepesch is a 6-foot-4, 225-pound starter with very sound pitching mechanics. Pitching "downhill" directly at the hitter, Tepesch is an imposing, no-nonsense figure on the mound. He works quickly. There is little time for a hitter to adjust before Tepesch has the ball back from the catcher and is in his windup.
. . .
Tepesch probably didn't arrive at Spring Training thinking that he had a chance to be in the Rangers' rotation. But having a pitcher with a complete and skillful repertoire that knows how to pitch is a comforting possibility for any club. That type of pitcher doesn't get ruffled easily, and he can get out of a mess he creates. That's how I see Tepesch...
Rangers' Nick Tepesch tops surprise moves "(ESPN)
Nick Tepesch is 24 years old and has thrown exactly 90.1 innings above Single-A ball, yet he will be the Rangers' No. 5 starter when the regular season begins. It wasn't like the Rangers were bereft of options -- they auditioned Robbie Ross, Randy Wells, Derek Lowe and Justin Grimm, but ultimately landed on Tepesch, who posted a 6.50 ERA in 18 spring innings. The Rangers, arguably the favorite in the AL West anyway, might have given themselves some more certainty by going after Kyle Lohse...

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