Monday, June 11, 2012

Tip This Cap? Death of an Icon

I feared it was coming.  I thought surely even Nike would recognize the value of a true original icon.  Or that someone would fight for keeping it around.

But apparently not.

@CoachPietro on Twitter: Adios skinny M... Say hello to your new @mutigerbaseball hats!

The new Mizzou M is not bad.  I didn't like the Tiger-head logo at first, but I'm now on my 4th or 5th cap with that logo.  It grows on you.  This one might as well.

But I'll be heading out to buy more than one cap with the classic "skinny M", as Coach Pietro calls it.  I will need enough of them to last until the excitement over the new look dies down and someone decides that we need to build interest by once again incorporating the cap that has symbolized Missouri Baseball for decades.

From Twitter:

Mike McGraw: Dan...those are iffy bub

Evan Frey, MU alum: @CoachPietro @mutigerbaseball love the skinny M

Caitlin Swieca (Missourian sports writer): Not a fan of the new @MUTigerBaseball hats. Judge for yourself


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