Saturday, June 30, 2012

Farewell Big 12. Farewell Kansas. Thanks for all the laughs.

♦ Click and read. Whatever you were doing will wait. Go ahead click Lessons in Hate: Kansas edition. With special guest ZouDave from Rock M Nation (
The people of the university claim they are "Harvard on the Kaw" (the Kaw being a river in the area). I...don't think they have much in common with Harvard, other than they claim their school colors are "crimson and blue". Just because you call it "crimson" doesn't make it not "red", you pretentious jerks.

Plus, it just smells bad over there.
The Big 12 Is Better Without Missouri And Texas A&M (
Seeing West Virginia and TCU on the schedule this fall first struck me as a novelty. Now I believe we may have created a monster. This isn’t going to be business as usual in the Big XII. An in depth examination of past performance points towards a clear prediction of the future: WVU and TCU are going to be a lot harder to beat in football than Mizzou and A&M were.

Our new teams are good, with a long history of success on the national stage and winning conference championships. Thank you to Missouri and A&M for stepping aside to make room at the table for two historic winners. Buckle up, it’s going to be a fun season.

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