Sunday, March 27, 2011

Simmons Field e-mail

A few odds and ends from my e-mail in-box:

■ A note from a former Mizzou student and vocal heckler, telling me about the launch this past week of a new Mizzou Tigers message board. Check it out at Beware: This is not yo' mama's message board.

■ A reply to a question came from former Section B fan (and only occasional umpire-heckler) Steve Tingler:
Jayce (Tingler) is still with the Rangers but moving more into player development and personnel. . . He has been promoted to Director of Instruction for the Dominican and AZ Leagues. Not quite sure what all that entails but he will be working with the players and the coaches.
■ The latest issue of the Informed Athlete Newsletter arrive in my e-mail in-box this weekend (subscribe HERE)
A coach cannot take away an athletic scholarship during the academic year except for very specific reasons, such as the athlete becoming ineligible or if the athlete voluntarily quits the team.

■ And finally, a Nigerian prince wants me to send him the contents of my underwear drawer for the support of victims of the Japanese earthquake.

Well, anyway, feel free to e-mail me at

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