Monday, March 21, 2011

Here's the scoop

While the Trib hides their occasional baseball stories behind a pay wall, The Missourian and the Maneater have stepped up to tell the stories of the season. Here's two from the Missourian. Yes, 2 MU Baseball features in 1 weekend.

Missouri baseball focuses on mental games as team wins second straight series (Columbia Missourian)
"You're used to using a certain type of bat ever since you were little, one with the same kind of pop," Ampleman said. "Balls that were going out last year aren't going out. They're not even close. To be mentally strong and figure out what you need to do to get on base... that's been huge for us."
. . .

"It's important to come out to the ballpark every day and do something that makes you happy," Ampleman said. "Something as little as playing catch with your best friend on the team or hitting off a tee for ten minutes before practice. Something that no matter what else is going on behind you, it makes you proud."
Sophomore splitting time between roles for Missouri baseball team (Columbia Missourian)
But Anderson will get his shot at redemption Tuesday when he gets his first start pitching against Central Arkansas.

"This is the most excited I've ever been for a start," Anderson said. "All the hard work that's been done up to this point, I finally get to let loose and get after it a little bit."

Mizzou baseball wins 3 of 4-game series series against Central Michigan (KBIA Sports Extra)
No Mizzou player had more than one hit in the second Sunday game up against Chippewa pitchers Zach Cooper and Dietrich Enns. Ryan Ampleman scored on a sacrifice fly in the sixth inning, the sole pockmark on Cooper’s record, who started his fourth game of the year.

Meanwhile, Mizzou played five of its worst arms statistically.

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