Thursday, March 3, 2011

MU Baseball Quotes & Notes: Staff & Stats

■ MU Baseball fans may recognize this member of the event staff: Veteran MU Event Staff member knows how to treat customers (Columbia Missourian). Ron Lueck is the friendly Event Staffer I was referring to in my season ending "Tip of the Cap" feature this past June.
“I’m looking up in the stands just watching, seeing if there’s something happening somewhere,” Lueck said.

Sometimes the "something" is a disagreement or a fight. Most often, this occurs during high school wrestling.

"It’s a different kind of fan," Lueck said. "Usually the toughest ones are Mom and Grandma.”
College Baseball Insider has been running a series on The State of College Baseball. They polled D-I coaches and received responses from 121 (40%), addressing various topics:
  • Bats: 43 percent said the new bats will cause them to change the way they coach.
  • Scholarships: 86 percent of coaches agreed there should be more than the current 11.7 scholarships
  • Pitch clock: "Our guess is that there are likely a number of coaches who simply believe that clocks are better served for sports other than baseball," said Phil Stanton, co-founder of "But there also could be a number of coaches who believe that the new bats will help shorten college baseball games on their own, and the pitch clock wasn't necessary."
  • Post-season: 45% want to keep the post-season format unchanged
  • Best College coaches: Among the BCS coaches, Oregon's Horton captured 14 votes (13 percent), with Clemson's Jack Leggett and Texas' Augie Garrido each garnering 13 votes (12 percent).

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