Friday, March 11, 2011

Mizzou Baseball Game Day: Double chance for redemption

Mistakes and errors result in home loss for Missouri baseball (
Even after the crazy series of events in the eighth inning, perhaps the most surprising things to come out of the night were Champagne’s plate appearance statistics. In five plate appearances, Champagne recorded one single and was hit the other four times.

Champagne said taking the hits, two to his upper body and two to his lower body, didn’t really hurt. But he was just as surprised as everyone else when he was hit four times.
@TheHunter32(Hunter Mense) on Twitter:
Rumor has it that Brad Pitt will be at the @MUTigerBaseball game tonight at 6:00. Thanks for the support Brad! #Mizzou #MIZ
■ And a shout out to JJ Stankevitz (I looked it up to make sure I spelt it right), a really good writer, whose baseball stories can be seen this season at KBIA Sports Extra. I got to meet him in the parking lot before the game and immediately made a big impression by mistaking him for another baseball writer. I'm good at doing that. I once spoke to Brock Bond in the parking lot and called him Garrett Broshuis. You can call me whatever you like when you see me in the parking lot, just call me in time for the first pitch.

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