Thursday, February 28, 2013

MU vs. Northwestern Cancelled

Mizzou Baseball vs. Northwestern Cancelled (
The Mizzou department of athletics and the Mizzou baseball program have announced Thursday (Feb. 28) that Mizzou's home-opening series versus Northwestern scheduled for March 1-3 at Taylor Stadium has been cancelled due to snow on the field. As of now, there are no plans to make up the scheduled games with Northwestern as Mizzou continues to explore its options for the weekend.

Mizzou is scheduled to play at home again on March 5-6 against Eastern Michigan. For all the latest on Mizzou baseball, stay tuned to and follow the team on twitter @MUTigerBaseball.

So... you're all hyped up for opening weekend and it's not happening. What to do with your time?

You're in luck if you're in CoMo, because this weekend is the annual True/False Film Festival (

♦ The Vox Magazine has tons of information about the festival, such as the existence of "Secret Screenings":
Can you keep a secret?

If social media is any yardstick, the answer is a resounding no. Countless secrets have been revealed over social media by organizations as large as The New York Times to as small as your grandma’s social security number, and it’s easy to believe that nothing, especially something popular, can possibly stay under wraps forever.

True/False founders Paul Sturtz and David Wilson gamble every year that everyone who attends the festival’s secret screenings will abide by the ban on spreading information about the films...

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