Sunday, February 3, 2013

Mizzou Baseball in the Majors: Kinsler, Scherzer & the Tigers


Tigers' Max Scherzer heads to arbitration with 'put-away' slider, even more potential (Detroit Free Press)
Max Scherzer and the Tigers are headed for an arbitration hearing next week -- the starting pitcher wants $7.4 million, the team is offering $6.05 million, according to's Jon Heymann.

No player has gotten to a hearing during Dave Dombrowski's 12-year tenure, and it's possible none will this year. Scherzer's agent, Scott Boras, and the Tigers still could settle for the formal hearing next week...

Kinsler helped change culture of MU baseball (Columbia Tribune)
"Honestly, I was very self-absorbed at first," Kinsler, the three-time American League All-Star, said Friday night. "I was really worried about being drafted and getting into the minor leagues and pursuing what I thought was a baseball career."

At the time, Missouri baseball Coach Tim Jamieson interpreted what Kinsler now describes as self-absorption as the player's best trait. In Kinsler, Jamieson saw a focus and toughness that was missing on his roster...

30 Rangers in 30 Days: Ian Kinsler (
From that perspective, 2013 is going to be pivotal, because that’s when his 5-year, $70 million extension kicks in. If he shows to be closer in talent to how he performed in 2012, it will be difficult for him to justify the dollar figure of his contract, but if he’s anything like he was before, then the Rangers should be able to capitalize on a few more well above average years, cashing in on a ton of surplus value from its star 2nd baseman.

Logic dictates that Ian will rebound quite nicely in 2013. Just as it’s irresponsible to judge a player on the small sample of one month, or two months — when a player has a proven track record — it’s also a mistake to judge them on just one season. Sabermetrics imply that every player is capable of an aberration (see: David Murphy’s 2012); sometimes those aberrations come by way of negative seasons as well...

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