Friday, March 1, 2013

HI NOTES: Opening Day Blues

In case you missed the news, this weekend's home opener series with Northwestern has been cancelled.

So what to do on an Opening Day when there's no Opening Game?

♦ Check out Ashley Arp's Brothers Reunite on the Diamond video, about Mizzou's Dillon Everett and his brother, Northwestern's Colby Everett. The reunion got cancelled because of the snow, but the video is still great:

♦ Contemplate a couple of tweets regarding other battles Mizzou Baseball has faced this week (be sure to click on the link and see the picture on that first one):

♦ Check out this acrobatic catch by outfielder Brett Williams on North Carolina State


♦ Take a listen to the High and Inside Podcast at College Baseball Today, with Mike Rooney and Eric Sorenson

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