Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine's Day Massacre: College Baseball Daily LOVES Mizzou

■ Quotes from 2011 Preview Live Chat, February 13th (

Fred Katz: "And Mizzou does not look good at all. Should be at or near the bottom of the conference.

William Knox: "Missouri brings back plenty of players, but not enough proven performers to compare to other schools in the Big 12 during the preseason. Fortunately, the preseason talk doesn't determine how a team will fare when the season begins."

Fred Katz: "The often is going to be quite sub-par. Only a .288 AVG last year and will have very little power. Really Jonah Schmidt is the only guy who can hit the ball out of the park and he was a .262 hitter last year. Jeff Lusardi is the only offensive player who might make a dent. Very patient at the plate."

Fred Katz: "And on the topic of Mizzou, I'll be there tomorrow [Monday] for their Media Day."

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