Thursday, February 17, 2011

Quotes & Notes: It's a Beautiful Day for a Ballgame

They're not kids anymore (
All are sophomores who look a lot like veterans.

“It started in the fall,” said Coach Tim Jamieson, whose Tigers are scheduled to open the 2011 season tomorrow against Cal Poly at the USC Tournament. “It’s been both maturity and it’s been their understanding of how to play the game at this level, some of the adjustments that they’ve had to make. … All of them have made significant growth.”
Jamieson looking to lead Missouri back to NCAA Tourney (
Dane Opel and Eric Garcia are two sophomores that really had pretty good freshman seasons last year,” explains Jamieson. “The difference between this year and last year is that there is a more significant line between the guys that are going to contribute and the guys that are going to be role players. Last year was really muddy. So I think we’re going to be playing 10, 11, 12 guys positionally and we’re going to be using as many pitchers as we have to, to win.”

If Opel and Schmidt can lead a formidable middle-of-the-order, with some help from the pitching staff, Missouri may be able to prove the preseason pollsters wrong.
■ A good rallying cry for all fans of college baseball is sounded at California! Wake up! Go see a college ballgame!! (
And this year, more than ever, there's more to cheer for. Gone are the annoying Ping sounds of those minus three bats, one of the biggest criticisms of the game....While College baseball still uses metal, it's the dialed down BBCOR version this year and the crack of the bat is more natural...Look for exciting pitchers duals, small ball and of course the occasional bomb...this time hit by a true, square on the barrel power hitter, not a diminutive second baseman.

This is exciting college sports at its best!!! And this year, more than ever, Californians need to support college baseball.

The recent bungling of the Cal Athletic Department and it's horrible decision to cut baseball has sent an ominous message to the rest of the state...No non revenue generating sport is safe. And, unless we can make our sports self sustaining, they too can get axed.

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