Thursday, February 10, 2011


It's that time of year again, for the annual roster cuts. A good time to repost a link to a post about the NCAA's definition of the term "redshirt" and what happen when a player is not included on the roster for the playing season. This was written by the same compliance expert that runs
  1. The players who did not make the 35-man roster and were cut from the team cannot practice with the team and are not allowed to sit on the bench. They basically are no longer a part of the team under the NCAA rules - at least for this year.

  2. The term "redshirt" simply means that a player did not use a year of his eligibility. So the players who were cut can use this as a "redshirt" year.

  3. Even a general student who was not a part of the team at all this year, but would try out and make the team next year, could call this year their "redshirt" year because they didn't use any eligibility.

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