Saturday, February 26, 2011

Game Day: Charlotte 5, Mizzou 4

■ From the Cheap Seats:
  • Surprised that the batting order still had Garcia in 3 hole. I like Champ at lead off. Still maybe Schmidt in 3 hole. Garcia moved to 6 or 7. Let him get a hit then see what happens. Opel also move down. I believe in them just let them get on track. They produced well in those spots last year. Garcia still only has 1 K. But how long do you let them go? (
  • We must keep in mind that it is 4 games into the year and we have been outside very few times outside of the four games already played.. (
  • Champ called for stepping into the HBP . . . (
  • I kinda hope NCAA starts calling that more. Each year it seems like there are 10 kids hit a game in Omaha. This is not dodgeball, it's baseball. (
  • . . . that Charlotte broadcaster is like an SNL parody. (!/trripleplay)

Missouri bullpen in need of relief (

Of the 29 runs scored against Missouri, 19 came in the sixth inning or later — and even that’s skewed, as the opener was called after six innings and Missouri has yet to pitch the home half of the ninth. Only three of those runs can be charged to a starter, Zack Hardoin, who hit a wall after pitching five shutout innings Sunday.
Trrip Note: The above numbers are for the opening weekend. After last night's loss at Charlotte, of the 34 runs scored against Missouri, 22 came in the sixth inning or later - although 4 of last night's runs were charged to starter Matt Stites.

Baseball falls at Charlotte, 5-4 (

Mizzou (1-3 overall) held a 4-2 lead after scoring three runs in the fifth inning, but the 49ers, the defending Atlantic 10 Conference champions, tied the game with two in their half of the sixth and got a two-out single in the seventh to take the lead.

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