Tuesday, November 20, 2012

SxSE: Knoxville, Tennessee

Leaving Columbia, SC, we start heading back west to Knoxville, TN.  (Isn't it odd how many of the SEC towns are 'Villes?).

♦ Knoxville is the 6th closest SEC town to Columbia, 609 miles away (505 air miles).  Tennessee is in the SEC East Division.

♦ There is an active Knoxville Chapter of the Mizzou Alumni Association

Fun facts about Knoxville, TN:
  • 2010 population: 178,874 (metropolitan area 655,400)

  • The Cherokee people called the Knoxville area kuwanda'talun'yi, which means "Mulberry Place."

  • The citizens of Knoxville were bitterly divided over the questions of slavery and secession leading up to the Civil War.
  • In 1948, Mountain Dew was first marketed in Knoxville, originally intended as a mixer for whiskey. (knoxnews.com)

  • In its May 2003 "20 Most Rock & Roll towns in the U.S." feature, Blender Magazine ranked Knoxville the 17th best music scene in the United States. In the ’90s, noted alternative-music critic Ann Powers, author of Weird Like Us: My Bohemian America, referred to Knoxville as "Austin without the hype". (knoxvillebusiness.com)
Al Gore
Tennessee alum
♦ There are 10 Chik-fil-a locations in Knoxville.  13 if you count all the suburbs.

♦ Knoxville is the site of the War Dog Memorial, commemorating all the dogs that served in World War II.

HolyTurf.com's SEC Bucket List: Knoxville
#47 Ye Olde Steakhouse: The Ye Olde Steak House is one of Knoxville’s oldest and most popular fixtures, located five miles south of the downtown Henley Street Bridge since 1968. The family restaurant began with Bunt and Helen King and has stayed in the family for nearly fifty years now. Bunt passed away in 1987, and his wife Helen passed away in 2003 but their children and their grandchildren still operate the restaurant today.

The Steak House has won multiple awards in its 43 years of business including being recognized as one of the top 100 things about Tennessee Football, Best Kept Secrets of the Smokies, the Atlanta Journal named it ‘one of the three best places to dine after football games’, and in 1992, The Montgomery Alabama Journal named Ye Olde Steak House the #1 Restaurant in the Southeastern Conference. For fourteen consecutive years the Knoxville Metro Pulse has named Ye Olde Steak House the #1 steakhouse in Knoxville.

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