Monday, November 5, 2012

College Baseball: Scheduling, Coaching Moves

We Are Playing Who? (
Other programs are forced to schedule a set amount of home dates and filling those slots doesn't always equate with an exciting opponent list.

Many less affluent programs can't get the teams their fans would get excited about seeing to even schedule them - much less do a home and home. They have two options: schedule whoever will visit and take the RPI hit or ... crash the travel budget and follow the road to resume riches.

If a team is going to hit the road for a series, there better be something in for them. They should either play a team that will help their RPI rank, play against an opponent, style, or in a venue that will prepare them for the rest of the season. Or perhaps it is a chance to boost their recruiting profile in an area. If the trip doesn't meet one of those criteria, then it is just a chance to miss doing the dishes for a night.

Another factor to consider . . .

Vanderbilt’s Derek Johnson Heading To Cubs (Baseball America)
One of college baseball's most respected and accomplished pitching coaches is leaving for a job in professional ball. Baseball America learned Sunday that Vanderbilt associate head coach Derek Johnson will become the Cubs' minor league pitching coordinator.

Johnson, the 2010 Baseball America/ABCA Assistant Coach of the Year, deserves a great deal of credit for helping Tim Corbin build Vanderbilt into an elite program on the national level. Johnson joined the Vandy staff a year before Corbin was hired as head coach in 2002, and Corbin made the wise decision to keep him on the staff. In the last decade, Johnson has earned a glowing reputation among his peers and the scouting community for his ability to develop power arms, including David Price, Mike Minor, Sonny Gray, Jeremy Sowers and plenty of others. . .

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