Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Rash Decisions

The Maneater is once again showing they can be one of the best media outlets for Mizzou Baseball coverage, with the first real news and background on highly touted freshman Alec Rash, as well as some great insight into the Mizzou Baseball recruiting process:

The journey of a 'Midwest guy': Alec Rash's path to Missouri (The Maneater)
Alec Rash has always been an athlete. He excelled in three sports in high school at Adel Desoto Minburn High in Iowa and Pelham High in Alabama. Scouting reports about him fawn over his athleticism.

Mike Rash said that as a child, Alec Rash thought he was going to go to Iowa State to play basketball. He only played high school football the fall of his senior year, but his size and athletic ability made him a valuable asset at wide receiver. Video of him playing basketball shows a dynamic swingman catching alley-oops and blocking shots.
But, as Mike Rash puts it, “baseball kind of picked him.” Alec Rash’s prodigious arm strength was apparent early on. Mitch Krumwiede, his baseball coach at ADM who was also Alec Rash’s physical education teacher in sixth grade, said he saw it when the class would play dodgeball.

“The kid had an arm that was head and shoulders above everybody else,” Krumwiede said. “It wasn’t even close.” ...

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