Thursday, February 2, 2012

Summer Ball: The Cure

A Team Effort - The Cure Baseball (College Baseball Lineup)
Inspired by the passing of his mother who died of breast cancer the day after Christmas ten years ago, Paluka began working out a business plan for The Cure Baseball. His idea was to create a summer collegiate baseball team which would play other summer teams with each game acting as a cancer fundraiser. Funds would go to directly help families coping with the life-changing impact caused by cancer as well as for research for a cure.
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We are open to pretty much anything. People have reached out to us and have asked if they can do various fundraisers. We just want people to know who we are in hopes they feel a connection to the organization and the cause. Then we hope they take that emotion and spread it to others by showing them our website, by Liking our Facebook page and following us on Twitter. We have a couple big fundraisers planned for this year.

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