Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Mizzou '39: Andreas Plackis

Congratulations to Junior INF Andreas Plackis who was 1 of 39 seniors inducted into Mizzou39 last night! He was 1 of 5 athletes inducted! 
Andreas has also been accepted to Mizzou Med School for this coming fall! Just one example of the great group of guys on this team! #MIZ
Mizzou '39 Class of 2012
In the spirit of service modeled by the founding families, MIZZOU ’39 was created as a way to recognize 39 of the most outstanding seniors for their academic achievement, leadership, and service to the campus and community. The number 39 was chosen in honor of the year of the institution’s founding, 1839. Additionally, each MIZZOU '39 honoree will name one faculty or staff member to be recognized for the impact he/she has made in the lives of MU students.

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