Saturday, February 11, 2012

Hall of Fame Inductions

For Hall of Famer Scherzer, things are coming up aces (
“For me, my time at Mizzou was so memorable and so precious, to be recognized among all the athletes that have gone through this school, it’s such an honor,” he said, “because I know I’ve seen and watched a lot of these people come through and the success they’ve had. To say these are my peers, that’s such an honor.”
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MU enshrines six in 2011 Athletics Hall of Fame (The Maneater)
The night continued with starting pitcher Tom Heckman’s enshrinement. Heckman graduated in 1981 with the most innings pitched in school history. He won 10 games per season during his final three years on the team. He held the Missouri record for career wins with 36. “Part of the reason I won as many games as I did is because of the defense we had,” Heckman said. "Why do they give wins to the pitcher? It’s a team win."
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Video from of Max Scherzer and Ben Askren

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