Sunday, February 5, 2012

First Pitch 2012: First look at a solid Tiger team

Scribbled notes from the annual First Pitch Celebration, held last night:

  • Senior Catcher Ben Turner and Junior RHP Eric Anderson have been named co-captains of the team for 2012

  • Matt Hobbs' eyes light up when he talks about the depth of his pitching staff this year

  • RHP Eric Anderson and LHP Rob Zastryzny have the 1 & 2 weekend starting jobs locked up; JuCo transfers Jr. LHP Blake Holovach and Soph. RHP Jeff Cline, along with freshman RHPs Brandon Platts and Brett Graves, are still competing for the third weekend job.  The smart money in the room seemed to be on Holovach, but Hobbs is not ready to anoint anyone just yet.

  • Tim Jamieson singled out Soph LHP Jake Walsh during the introductions, mentioning that Walsh was cut before the season last year, but this year he is doing so well he could be the closer before the season is done.

  • KOMU's Eric Blumberg was the emcee and conducted a great interview/informal chat with featured guest Aaron Crow

  • Crow's favorite major league city to visit:  Chicago.  Worst: Detroit

  • Blumberg asked if Crow would like to be in the MU Hall of Fame, like Max Scherzer is going to be (induction next weekend).  Crow's response:  Sure, that would be great. " Hey, if Max can make it ...

  • Crow would rather be a starter with the Royals, but will return to the bullpen if that doesn't work out, because that's better than going back to the minors.  "Once you get a taste of the Major Leagues you don't want to back to the minors. It sucks."

  • Crow: Tony Vitello's best thing was motivating. "He could get you pumped up and motivated to take out the trash."

  • There was no official discussion or announcements about the SEC (TJ: "We're still in the Big 12 for this season") or stadium renovation plans (too early in the planning process).
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“We came up just a little bit short. Players need to remember that. Players need to feed off that,” Jamieson said.

And he thinks they already are, saying his team is more focused and more competitive this year than in years past.

Missouri starting pitcher, Eric Anderson, agrees with him.

“I’m excited,” Anderson said. “We’re hoping to sneak in a few more wins than losses and get rolling early. I definitely think we’re ahead of where we were last year at this time.”

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