Monday, February 27, 2012

HI NOTES: I left my slump in San Francisco

Mario Mendoza
Lifetime .215 hitter
♦ From the Stat Sheet:
  • Team batting average: .209
  • Team OB%: .295
  • Team Slg%: .286
  • Team ERA: 4.50
Mizzou Baseball Links (RockMNation)
For the weekend in San Francisco, Mizzou catcher Ben Turner went 3-for-11, and left fielder Scott Sommerfeld went 3-for-6 with a walk. The rest of the team went 8-for-73 with four walks, an on-base percentage of .156. That … probably isn't going to cut it.
Branded for life with "The Mendoza Line" (St. Louis Post Dispatch)
While the term Mendoza Line has come to symbolize the .200 mark in baseball parlance, the phrase has also crossed over into America's pop culture lexicon and is frequently used to describe almost any type of sub-par performance, from the performance of stocks and mutual funds to bad grades and to quotas for salespeople.

No other athlete in professional sports, save perhaps Vinko Bogataj, of ABC's "Agony of Defeat" fame, is more closely associated with failure than poor Mario Mendoza. "It did bother me, at the beginning, to be honest," Mendoza said. " Because people would come up to me, like making fun of me, so it used to make me mad, but now I don't care anymore."
Honorable mentions (College Baseball Today)
Once again, watch out for San Francisco this season. The Dons just got done sweeping three games from Missouri with today’s 6-0 win. USF allowed just two runs, 13 hits and committed just two errors all weekend. USF is now 5-2 on the season.

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