Thursday, September 24, 2009

Practice Report: Nice Hair

I stopped by Simmons Field Wednesday afternoon for a short while, to watch the players in a Scout Day scrimmage. Several major league scouts were watching the proceedings, most of them from the seats behind home plate.

While I watched, Brett Nicholas hit an authoritative home run to left center, off Jake Walsh. There appears to be quite a competition for the job of starting catcher among several good candidates.

The player who caught the most attention while I was there was a former player who showed up to watch the scrimmage. He was greeted by Luke Cassis, Evan Pratte, Jonah Schmidt, Ryan Lollis and Kyle Mach (both back at Taylor Stadium after finishing their rookie seasons in the minor leagues). Every one of these greeted him with virtually the same first words:
"Nice hair!"

Brock Bond swore to them all that his hair was just as curly and just as full of blonde highlights back when he was a Tiger as it is now. No one believed him.

But after the excellent All-Star season he had with the Connecticut Defenders, he can do whatever he wants with his hair and no one will complain.

And that's my Practice Report for today. Just brimming with expert insight and analysis. But I had a good time.

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