Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Mizzou Baseball Quotes & Notes

Mizzou Baseball Fall World Series is the annual end-of-fall-practice intrasquad series of games. Fans are welcome, admission is free. The tentative dates and times:
Friday, October 16 (evening game)
Saturday, October 17 (2PM)
Sunday, October 18 (2PM)
Those times are approximate.

The Tigers are currently in their Fall Practice season. They are playing intrasquad games nearly every day during the late afternoon-evening hours, which are usually open to the public. held an online chat with former Tiger and current Texas Rangers second baseman Ian Kinsler.
There's just a ton of competition at 2B. It seems like everywhere you go there's a guy that will make an impact on the competition. It's fun to be in there and keeping up with the rest of the guys.

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