Saturday, September 12, 2009

Mizzou Baseball Quotes & Notes

Freedom can be overrated is the name of Garrett Broshuis' latest blog entry at Baseball America:
Freedom. William Wallace wanted it; so did Thomas Paine. We, as men, have made
progress, but we're still enchained, held captive by that most inescapable force: our wife's commands. Yet in this game, that blissful state of pure freedom can be attained, as you hardly ever see your wife. . . .
■ Comments about Brock Bond at McCovey Chronicles:
Brock Bond: not a sexy prospect, but you have to give the man credit for what he’s accomplished this year: a .429 OBP, 67/69 K/BB, 21 doubles. He was caught stealing more times than he was successful, so likely he lacks blazing speed, but he certainly looks like he has the makings of a useful #1 or #2 hitter some day. You’d assume his numbers wouldn’t be much worse in the PCL next year, so perhaps we’ll get a look at him in Spring Training in 2011.

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