Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Mizzou Baseball Quotees & Notes

Fall Practice Report

■ From Tigerboard.com:

tigereye: Saw some of saturdays and all of sundays [scrimmage games]. The pitchers threw only fast balls as stated. Although I think i saw a few changeups, Tep I thought had the best location of all pitchers. Did not know who all was who. Anderson also looked good. Saturday Schmidt hit a HR that was a blast. Amp hit one on Sunday. Garcia hit one to the warning track at centerfield that was caught with the wind blowing in.

Brown has some speed as does Champagne. Saw Liberto and Santo at SS, Garcia and Mach at second on Sat. Garcia and Santo at SS, Liberto and Mach at 2nd on Sun. 3rd base was Scheiber, Thigpen, and who I believe was Dudenhoffer. Opel and Brown are good outfielders. Gebhardt also looked good.

Senne bunted the whole weekend. Someone said he had a hurt finger.

The at bats I liked were from Brett Nicholas who was at first on Sunday and he just hits the ball hard with an approach.

These are the few players whose names I was able to find out. There were a lot of parents there on Sunday and was able to get those few names. Tigers may be alright. Young kids look great.

9ozwhitething: I saw all of Friday and Saturday. I too thought Anderson looked good. Gebhart hit a line drive to RF fence for triple but otherwise no one touched him. I was impressed with Garcia at the plate and in the field as well. Ampleman and Schmidt hit home runs.

Tepesch looked very good with only FBs. I thought freshman Cody King looked good. I thought Tyler Clark looked good as well. Ryan Clubb did not throw.

Ben Turner had a couple of hard hit singles and Connor Mach made a great play at second base. Thigpen looked good at third. Santos had some real good plays at SS. No one stood out at first in my opinion. Four different catchers played. Gaden, Turner, Ampleman, and Nicholas. A ton of outfielders played. Gebhart and Brown looked very impressive. Gebhart stole third with left handed hitter at plate. Brown stole second easily. I am looking forward to pitchers mixing in off speed stuff. Oh yes, Senne looked good bunting!

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