Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Mizzou Baseball Qutoes & Notes


Top 40 Recruiting Classes for 2009-2010, according to Collegiate Baseball Weekly
Missouri's current recruiting class is ranked 32nd among D-1 programs. Florida is #1. Big 12 teams on the list include #12 Texas, #13 Nebraska, #17 Oklahoma State, #23 Oklahoma, #36 Texas A&M and #38 Texas Tech.
MU in the Minors

Playoff time is good news/bad news for players (Garrett Broshuis' Prospect diary at BaseballAmerica)
"Well, we're in the playoffs, we might as well win a ring."

This realism typifies the regard that most players hold towards the minor league playoffs, as I've heard this around 148 times over the past two weeks in three different languages. Six months of constant travel has left all of us both mentally and physically exhausted, yet we're competing with a determination rarely seen in the regular season. At our essence we're all competitors, and the playoffs offer a higher level of competition.
Villalona: teammate turned murder suspect (Life in the Minors, a blog by Garrett Broshuis)
. . . Again, I hope that Villalona didn’t commit this murder, but if he did, justice needs to be served. The thought still reigns as almost incomprehensible, but I have to remember that my teammates don’t grow up in cushy little suburbs in the United States, playing 60 games a year for traveling Little League teams that extort $5,000 for the “opportunity” to play. Instead, they come from a still developing country with a high crime rate, where $5,000 represents more than half of the average household income.

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