Friday, September 11, 2009

Mizzou Baseball Quotes & Notes

2010 Schedule

■ The Rice Owls have released their 2010 schedule, which confirms what we had already deduced, that Mizzou and Rice will NOT play one another at the Houston College Classic the weekend of March 5-7, even though both teams will be participating.

■ The New Mexico State Aggies have released their 2010 Schedule, which includes their participation in the Cactus Classic in Tucson during the opening weekend of the season. They will be playing Missouri on Saturday, February 20th at 7:00 PM.

■ We now have compiled approximately 17 games (30%) of the tentative 2010 schedule: Updated schedule HERE

MU in the Majors

Another defeat, another day (AZ Snakepit)
Yet another homer followed for the Dodgers in the fourth, and the Chase Field crowd started a chant aimed at Max: "Are you Petit in disguise?" Well, actually, they didn't, but could hardly be blamed if they did so. Furcal managed to bunt for a clean double, leading off the LA fifth, sending it over the head of the onrushing Reynolds, but was held there thanks in part to Max Scherzer's (04-06) butt, which blocked a liner back up the middle.
. . .
Scherzer ended up going seven innings, a feat which seemed pretty unlikely early on in the game. Obviously not a quality start, with four runs allowed, but his first-pitch strike rate was up at 66%, and he only walked one while scattering seven hits. He only struck out three, his lowest number since June and third-lowest of the season - on the other hand, it is the first time in his career that he has gone seven or more innings in consecutive games. I think he may be eased off down the stretch, with word of him being skipped for his last start entirely. Certainly,
no point overtaxing anyone, be it Scherzer, Dan Haren or anyone else.
MU in the Minors

Wrapping it up (
Fortunately, there was a surprise that was just as nice as Miclat was disappointing, and that was Rick Zagone’s (05-07) success. Coming out Missouri, Zagone had a good season with Aberdeen in 2008 and kept the ball rolling right through Delmarva and into Frederick. The best part of watching Zagone’s promotion was that his numbers didn’t take a serious dive after the promotion. He ended the year with roughly the same numbers of strikeouts and less walks with the Keys as with the Shorebirds. He’s still a long way from Baltimore, but so far, so good.

Other Baseball Stuff

"It's a baseball game; it's not a physically taxing sport." (

Interim manager Jim Riggleman feels baseball is not that hard of a sport. Not hard in the sense that it takes a toll on a player physically. Prior to tonight's game with the Phillies, Riggleman was asked how he plans on handling his offense players when it comes to them losing a step.

"I never like to use that word 'fatigued' or 'tired,'' he said. "I think it gets way over used in baseball. We're not running up and down the court, we're not playing football with equipment on in 100 degree temperature. It's a baseball game; it's not a physically taxing sport.
. . .
My feeling is you ought to be ashamed of yourself if you get physically tired of playing baseball because it shouldn't be that physically taxing. I could point to Lou Gehrig and Cal Ripken, Jr. and I think they would be on my side in that argument, but I don't expect everybody to be like that. I think guys need off days so that the other players can also stay sharp, so I won't concede to the fatigue factor."

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