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Word on the Tweet: ABCA in Chicago, New Transfer Rules??

The American Baseball Coaches Association annual convention is underway in Chicago this weekend.  Lots of discussion and creative ideas being knocked about, according to the twitter-sphere.  And, by the way, several College Baseball people you should be following on Twitter among the quotes that follow.

ABCA Convention in Chicago
ABCA Convention in Chicago
Photo by Nate Shipp (twitter)
@CoachPietro: On our way to Chicago for the #ABCA convention. @jemens20 caught a big one!

@vianneybaseball: Sitting behind @CoachPietro and the rest of the Mizzou Staff at the ABCA Clinic. Impressed to see them locked in getting better

@StLPiratesPitch (former Mizzou Baseball asst coach Brian Delunas): Good first night in Chicago catching up with friends. Looking forward to the speaker lineup the rest of the weekend at the ABCA!

MLB Draft and Agent/Athlete Relationships:

@KendalRogersPG: NCAA Legislative Council is taking a hard look at allowing HS/JUCO players to have agent/advisor representation in #MLB negotiations . . . One thing that's interesting about the agent/advisor relationship: NCAA's Dennis Poppe reiterated that all BSB folks on board with changes. . . With that, this proposal does NOT include eligible sophs/juniors in college. Would prefer to have it include HS/JUCO/those in coll #mlbdraft

@Mike_Rooney: @KendallRogersPG That sounds strange..both sets of kids have same needs.. I'm getting cynical in my old age!!

@AaronFitt: Idea of letting HS and JC players have an agent/advisor for draft negotiations is gaining some traction. Will go before leadership council. . . Very encouraged that NCAA is finally acknowledging difference between baseball and hockey drafts vs "opt-in" drafts in football/basketball.

@JimCalisBA: NCAA "allowing" agents/advisors won't change reality. Just means players won't have to lie about it, NCAA witchhunts can end. #mlbdraft

BBCOR Bats and "Livelier" Balls:

@AaronFitt: ABCA head Dave Kelitz says discussions are ongoing about whether to switch to a livelier ball, or a ball with flatter seams. . . Keilitz said in his survey, 53 percent of coaches want to keep same ball. 47% prefer a livelier ball, and 55 percent want flatter seams.

@KendalRogersPG: According to Dave Keilitz …. 86 percent of college coaches support the BBCOR bat after last season. Pretty impressive and high %.

@KendalRogersPG: ABCA's Dave Keilitz acknowledges Jack Leggett's email about changing #collegebaseball "ball" … might be something to target down road.

@Mike_Rooney: More offensive baseball makes me nervous.. Slippery slope and not sure that #StonyBrook and #KentState happen with old Big Offense set-up

Fall Baseball:

@KendalRogersPG: NCAA says there have been talks by #BigTen #MAC coaches about fall games, but that no action (for now) was possible at this time.

@Mike_Rooney: Can't understand why #CollegeBaseball cannot have same fall ball allowances as softball #Equity

@AaronFitt: D-I baseball committee not prepared to move forward yet with proposal to play fall games that count, but discussion will continue. . . I like some things about it, but it comes with a lot of complications. I like that Northern coaches are thinking creatively. . . It would be completely voluntary. But to reiterate, all this talk is still a long shot, I think.


@KendalRogersPG: More notes about D-1 meeting. For now, serious talks have ceased on changing NCAA postseason format to three-game series before CWS. . . The NCAA's Dennis Poppe reiterated that "if it isn't broke, don't fix it" approach in regards to postseason format. I agree 100 percent.

@AaronFitt: After a "robust" discussion, committee decided not to seed the top 16 teams, because of concerns about cost and intra-conference SR matchups

@KendalRogersPG: Good news for your conference tourney fans, the NCAA will not announce anything tourney related until Sunday NIGHT now. Was early afternoon. . . For instance, now, if someone like #MSState or whoever is on the fence as a Regional host, winning the #SEC tournament could change things.

@KendalRogersPG: 2013 NCAA Committee: Joel Erdmann (#SouthAlabama), Randy Buhr (#Wazzu), Joey Gallo (#UNC), Rick Greenspan (#Rice), Eric Hyman (#TAMU). . . Also, Dave Hickey (#CMU), Robert Goodman (#CAA), Mark LaBarbera (#Valpo) and chair Dennis Farrell (#BigWest).

@KendalRogersPG: Bad news for you power lovers in Omaha. Poppe said no serious discussions about moving fences in. Wind has killed HR totals . . . Denny Poppe did, however, say that after another year/two in Omaha, NCAA will take a look at power numbers and other things

Odds & Ends:

@KendalRogersPG: Nothing too big from the NCAA Rules meeting in Chicago. Only notable change is suspension for bumping now 4 games (was 3). #collegebaseball

Transfer Rules:

@John_Infante: NCAA considering transfer model that would allow all athletes with a 2.6 GPA to play immediately:

And check out John Infante's twitter feed where he answers a lot of questions about this possible rules change

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