Monday, January 21, 2013

Southern Exposure: SEC Takes the Cake & Regrets

♦ Mississippi State AD Scott Stricklin has plenty to say about MSU Baseball and their ballpark, Dudy-Noble, in Stricklin:
Mississippi State 'better off down the road'(
Recruiting has become something where you have to cast your line further and further out. John is having to recruit sophomores and freshmen. It’s interesting to see how far because recruiting is taking place so much farther in the future. It’s harder to get a quick read on a coach and what he’s doing. It’s almost like, here John is going into year 5 and now for the first time you can see where his program is backward and forward...

♦ I've been trying to figure out what the point is of Pinterest.  After taking a look at the decorated cakes on the SEC Weddings album, I'm still wondering.

RockMNation has an interesting discussion thread regarding So ... is David Ubben right? If you were pulling the strings, would Mizzou "sprint back" to the Big 12?
There was apparently a late break of no's, and in the end, a whopping 12 percent of those responding said that Mizzou should never have left the Big 12. Never mind that you cannot get 88 percent of Missouri fans to agree on anything. They agreed on this. But apparently that's just hubris, not an enormous combination of conference stability, financial stability, and the fact that the SEC is just a pretty nice place to live. Nope...

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