Monday, January 14, 2013

Q & "A" with Tim Jamieson: Call Me Maybe

Photo by Roman Stanek
♦ "Missouri baseball Coach Tim Jamieson sat down with the Columbia Tribune's Matt Nestor to discuss the Tigers' upcoming season, their first in the Southeastern Conference."

That's how the Tribune article, Q&A with Tim Jamieson, opens, and that lede is certainly more completely true that the headline attached to the piece. The headline is only about half true.

Nestor had lots of Qs: he asked about plans for pitchers Eric Anderson and Alec Rash, plans for the sophomore pitchers like Platts, Graves and Miles, Rob Z's status as the #1 starter, transfers Jace James and Keaton Steele, the outfield, the open catcher position, the challenge of the SEC, and contstruction/remodeling plans at the Stadium.

Jamieson's As mostly fell into the category of the ubiquitous pop song, Call Me Maybe  (see below, if you've been under a rock for the past year), which is perhaps what we should call TJ.

Apparently almost every pitcher on the staff is going to pitch in the weekend rotation. Maybe.

Apparently the only position player guaranteed ("that's hands down - we know he's going to be in the field for us") is newcomer Shane Segovia, but he doesn't really know what position he'll play. Maybe 3rd or SS.

As for the SEC, TJ knows it's going to be tough, but he spent the most time talking about that he doesn't even know yet how they're going to get to Tennessee. By bus, by plane + bus, by sleeper bus). Maybe this, maybe that.

So...maybe there are a lot of questions still left to be answered.

I did enjoy his sideways manner of putting the entire MU athletic department on notice not to leave baseball flapping in the wind:
Q: And then I wanted to finish with the new clubhouse. Is that still on schedule?

A: It's supposed to go out for bid in the next week or so. And then we begin construction March 1. There's nothing to suggest that that time frame has changed. The design part of it is over. I have not heard budget numbers — that certainly could affect things — but everything seems to be on track.
But maybe you shouldn't take my word for it. Maybe you should click and read the entire interview. Maybe you'll learn something.

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