Saturday, January 12, 2013

Southern Exposure: Baseball>Basketball, 3-and-Out

Does your program/fans care more about basketball or baseball? (
  • South Carolina fan: I know for South Carolina fans, most of us care more about baseball, but those of us who were around during the Frank McGuire days still care about basketball.
  • LSU fan: Baseball without a doubt. We lead the nation in attendance EVERY year for a reason
  • Ole Miss fan: Baseball for sure. You can't bring a cooler to basketball games
  • Alabama fan: Basketball for Alabama. The 90s are long gone for the Alabama baseball program
  • Auburn fan: Whichever one is better. If I had to choose, I'd say basketball, because when they are good, more fans follow them. When baseball is good, a percentage of fans follow them, and the park is filled up, but you don't get the same turnout as you would for a good basketball team.
  • Florida fan: Definitely basketball for UF
  • A&M fan: A&M has traditionally been a baseball school and Blue Bell Park is as beautiful of a facility as any. We always support the baseball team.
  • Georgia fan: Neither :(
  • Arkansas fan: Its about a tie. Overall attendance numbers for each sport is close to a tie right now.
  • Kentucky fan: Nobody cares about baseball where you use aluminum bats...
  • Mississippi State fan: When MSU is good(this year for the first time in over a decade), there is no better place to watch a college baseball game than Dudy Noble Field -- even though she's a bit outdated these days.
♦ Mark Etheridge at has some good thoughts on the plusses and minuses of the newly expanded SEC Tournament format, plus a brief look at the prospects for Georgia and Auburn, in Three and out: SEC Tourney Makeover (
When did you stop beating your wife?

Remember that time we all quit watching baseball because it causes in-grown ear hairs? Me either.

Remember when we quit stopped lining foul-lines because it contained trace levels of mayonnaise. Not really...

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